IFC Equity Investment for Global Solar Developer

Delphos assisted SunEdison to obtain an equity commitment of $55 million from the IFC for investment in its two holding companies in Singapore and the Netherlands. The holding companies will develop, acquire, own, sell, operate and manage a portfolio of rooftop and ground-mounted solar PV projects in the South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. As the sole advisor to SunEdison, Delphos conceptualized and structured the investment, built from scratch a multi-country/multi-project financial model, coordinated IFC’s due diligence, assisted with client’s internal approvals, and helped negotiate the investment agreements. Additional details can be found in the IFC press release here (https://ifcext.ifc.org/IFCExt/Pressroom/IFCPressRoom.nsf/0/D27B21867094B46C852579FB002A2FBE).

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