Services for Financial Institutions & Investment Funds

Delphos International has a substantial track record in structuring and raising capital for private equity funds, banks, and financial intermediaries focused on emerging markets. Delphos International has successfully secured lead investors for emerging market investment funds, obtained long-term debt capital for on-lending or on-investing by fund managers, and negotiated long-term lines of credit for banks and non-bank financial institutions.  

Delphos International recently structured and closed a $25 million facility to provide senior and mezzanine debt investments to companies in Afghanistan through Afghan Growth Finance (AGF), a joint venture between Delphos International and SEAF (a private equity fund manager). Delphos International helped obtain $5 million in equity through a grant from the US Department of Agriculture and further leveraged these funds with a $20 million loan commitment from OPIC. Subsequently, in 2010, OPIC committed an additional $30 million of direct financing and a co-financing line of $25 million. As of January 2011, AGF has approved a total of $19 million in commitments.

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