Project Finance & Investment Support

With more than 25 years of experience in structuring emerging market financings, Delphos International has developed a widely recognized expertise in arranging financing for projects on a limited recourse basis. We are experts in raising long-term, competitively-priced capital. Our creativity and depth of knowledge ensure that our clients receive financially sound and timely solutions for projects across multiple industries. From the earliest stages of project development through to operational implementation, Delphos International structures innovative financial solutions to meet the unique requirements of the project sponsors, the host country, and the lenders. We become an extension of the client’s team, allowing the client to focus on its core business.

Due to its limited or non-recourse nature, project finance often involves a lengthy process of detailed disclosures (e.g., information memoranda and financial models), lender due diligence, intense negotiations and complicated financial and security documentation. Delphos International's familiarity with this process ensures that our clients have the expert advice and support needed at every stage.

At the beginning of the financing process, Delphos International’s applies its expertise to help its clients express and quantify their business concept in a project package suitable for potential development and commercial lenders. Our established relationships and experience with agencies worldwide allow us to structure and present each project to receive the most favorable treatment possible. During the due diligence stage, Delphos International manages its client’s communications with the lender and negotiates financing terms that are flexible, competitive, cost effective, and minimize recourse to sponsors.

In addition to raising capital, we often extend our support securing instruments such as political risk insurance to help minimize investor exposure. Delphos International also has a successful track record in obtaining grant funding to defray the cost of project development.

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