About Us

Based in Washington, DC, Delphos International is an independent financial services firm that supports its clients with all aspects of the project financing process – from early stage project identification and evaluation, feasibility analysis to valuation, M&A, bid preparation, project development, financial structuring, and implementation.

A specialized advisory firm with an exclusive focus on emerging market financing, Delphos International has full-time staff in offices in Washington DC, the New York City metropolitan area, Miami, and Hong Kong that have served as developers, lenders, and advisors on a broad spectrum of infrastructure finance deals.

We are experts in raising long-term, competitively-priced capital. Our creativity and depth of knowledge ensure that our clients receive financially sound and timely solutions for project finance across multiple industries. From the earliest stages of project development through to operational implementation, Delphos International structures innovative financial solutions to meet the unique requirements of the project sponsors, the host country, and the lenders. We become an extension of the client’s team, allowing clients to focus on its core business.

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